Our Business


Brothers Associate has a complete set up for Martial Arts Uniforms and MMA Gears, fully equipped with latest stitching machines, PU moulding machines and producing export quality products as per customer's satisfaction. The unit comprises of 200 machines, producing 2500 sets per day.

We are specialized in the manufacturing of top quality martial arts uniforms. The company has a facility to make Cotton fabric manufacturing starts with the preparation of the yarn for weaving or knitting. Weaving is the oldest method of making yarn into fabric. While modern methods are more complex and much faster, the basic principle of interlacing yarns remains unchanged.

Knitting is a method of constructing fabric by using a series of needles to interlock loops of yarn. The Company observes strict quality control measures. The company also has an in-house Lab to verify the quality products stiching and embroidery.


The Brothers Associates weaving is well equipped with latest looms, producing unique fabric for judo uniforms strictly adhering to high quality standards. Brothers Associate garments are stitched with the state-of–the-art stitching facility. The unit comprises of 200 machines, producing 2500 sets per day.

Brothers Associate Unit is equipped with latest embroidery machine multi head Tajima which is imported from Japan fulfilling embroidery related requirements of the products with premium quality results. Brothers Associate unit is also equipped with the most up to-date model of scanner FEP ME 640 and is imported from ITLAY. This facility ensures that the products used are devoid if harmful materials.